Grain Trailer | QM1400

Up-Rated Tyres: 560-45×22.5 Trelleborg Wheel Equipment* – 420 x 180 Brakes

Body Size: COA

Capacity: 14.5 tons

Standard Equipment: Spring Drawbar / Hydraulic Up & Over Grain Door / LED Beacon / Bolt-on Mudguards & Flaps / Inspection Ladder / Adjustable Drawbar / Hydraulic Door Seal / Dealer Fit Ready / 10 STUD 420×180 Commercial Axel / Air & Hydraulic Brakes Complete with Load Sensing / sprung drawbar  / commercial running gear / 12″ gain chute / Full Width Perspex front window.

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Grain Trailer | QM1600

  • QM Range: Cereals – Our QM and QM00 range are both ideal for this type of work. The QM00 range has a marginally larger carrying capacity than the QM range with basic sides.
  • QM Range: Silage – Both our ranges of monocoque trailers are available with silage sides. The QM range is available with swinging tailgate style sides or silage attachment style sides; the swinging tailgate style sides allow for more capacity, while the silage attachment style sides are quicker to switch between silage and cereal set-ups. Our QM00 range is only available with silage attachment style sides. In 2014 we introduced our new silage attachment style sides that provide increased strength and rigidity thanks to the specially designed internal plate. The improvements do not stop there as the visual appearance of the sides have been modernized.
  • QM Body Design – The floors of the entire range are 5mm thick and the sides are either 3.5mm or 4mm thick, ensuring an extended service life. Every model also benefits from a fully-welded construction with a substantial number of floor and side bearers to improve overall rigidity and strength. The sides of the trailer are also welded on one of our robotic welders to provide an incredible level of finish that cannot be matched by hand-welding.
  • QM Chassis Design – The QM/11 model upwards uses a unique chassis design that is formed from heavy-duty channels with 8mm or 10mm reinforcing plates stitch welded to the channels. This set-up provides unrivaled strength, while also allowing the chassis to flex when required; if the chassis is too rigid then it can become prone to cracking and premature failure. Almost the entire chassis is now welded on a robot, ensuring perfect welds every time and adding to the overall chassis durability. The chassis design on the QM/16 and QM/1800 models are also further reinforced by an internal lattice work of steel plates, providing a tidy finish combined with the necessary strength.
  • QM Tipping Mechanism – The tipping points of our QM/6 and QM/8 models use a toughened 24mm bolt and on our QM/11 model upwards, a fully bushed 50mm solid steel bar is used to eliminate any potential weak link in the design. Similarly our QM/11 model upwards also benefits from twin industrial chrome rams, which are comparable to the rams used on construction excavators; this prevents any harmful corrosion and provides years of trouble free operation.
  • QM Spring Suspension Option – Available on all our tandem axle QM models as a no-cost option and available on our QM/6 single axle model as a priced option. Our QM/8, QM/11, QM/12 and QM/1200 models us multi-leaf springs to keep the trailer height down for improved stability, while still providing excellent road performance. On our QM/14 model upwards 4-leaf parabolic springs are utilized to handle the increased weights.
  • QM Rocker Tandem Suspension Option – Available on all our tandem axle models as a no-cost option. This suspension set-up is more stable than springs as it eliminates lateral movement, while providing a smooth ride when travelling forward. Our rocker tandems are constructed from box-section with a 50mm solid steel bar pivot, that has devlon bushes and grease points to ensure an extended working life span.
  • QM Axles & Braking – Every model in the QM range has hydraulic brakes as standard with the option for air brakes with load sensing and ABS. There is also the option for hydraulic load sensing. Our QM/11, QM/12 & QM/1200 models use 8 stud 350 x 90 axles, with the option to upgrade to commercial axles for high-speed road work. Commercial 10 stud 420 x 180 axles are standard on our QM/14 model upwards; these are the same size of axles that are used on HGVs and provide exceptional braking and high-speed performance.
  • QM Lighting Arrangement – Lights are standard on all models in the QM range, but there are also various lighting options including; LED lights, high-level LEDs, LED beacons and dual lights. All lights are recessed into the back-rail of the trailer or are fully guarded.
  • QM Inspection Ladder – The whole QM range comes with an inspection ladder as standard, which is fabricated from chequered plate and precision welded by our robot welders before being treated with a galvanized finish.
  • QM Hoses & Cables – The design of our trailers incorporates intelligent routing for our hoses and cables to go that properly protect them. The hydraulic hoses have bulkhead fittings at the front of the trailer and the hoses for the hydraulic doors run through steel tubes to tapered protection brackets. Ensuring the hydraulic hoses are effectively covered. In addition the hydraulic hoses and cables run along a tray the length of the trailer to further reduce the chances of damage.
  • QM Hydraulic Door Design – The QM range hydraulic door arms are formed from pressed steel plates to create a sleek and strong design. In addition the arms are now 150mm longer to provide increased clearance when discharging the load, this is particularly useful when tipping silage or maize. The hydraulic door option is standard on the QM/12 model upwards and optional on our other models.
  • QM Drawbar Design – This intelligent design has resulted in our new drawbars being incredibly strong, while also creating a modern, sleek looking finish. This is only possible due to the advanced fabrication equipment we use; two 8mm plates are folded together by our CNC presses and overlapped before our robotic welders complete the process by welding the parts together.
  • QM Dealer Fit Ready – The simple idea of this new design approach and concept is to allow 80% of our optional extras to be retrofitted to our product ranges without the need for any fabrication or paint rectification. The QM range is naturally designed around this idea and the benefits are huge! It allows us as manufacturers to stock basic trailers that can be adapted to meet customer demands for improved delivery, it allows dealers to supply the correct specification of trailer to customers faster and for the farmer to add to the trailers’ functionality and extend its lifespan. The best example of this is the ability to add air brakes to the QM range, so if a tractor is upgraded to air brakes the trailer can be made to match without the need to change the entire trailer!
  • QM Robotic Welding – The introduction of robotic welders to our production line gives the Marshall QM range a unique and unrivalled level of finish and consistency. The chassis, drawbar, ram anchors and sides are all welded robotically; taking the quality far beyond what a man can achieve. This production and design method will continue to be integrated into our ranges throughout the coming years.
  • Paint Finish – Since November 2011 we have shot-blasted, this is acknowledged in the paint industry as the best possible method for preparing steel for painting. The shot-blasting creates a profile for the paint to adhere to, improving adhesion and in turn the protection offered to the steel. Our five man team of trained sprayers then use the latest spraying equipment to finish our products with a dual layer paint finish. Every machine is finished with 80 microns of high-build primer and 50 microns of gloss polyurethane; this combination provides excellent protection and a high-quality finish.
  • Delivery – Marshall Trailers uses a computerized build system to plan production to ensure that machines are delivered on time. The final stage of delivery is undertake by our two artic lorries, a 7.5ton rigid lorry and a number of other haulage partners.
  • Spare Parts – Marshall Trailers has a full selection of spare parts for all our ranges, most of which can be dispatched immediately. In some cases we have spares for machines dating back forty years, which gives of mind when you buy a Marshall that you will be properly supported well into the future.

Features at a Glance

  • The most accurate comparison when buying a trailer is the cost per cu. ft!
  • All tandem axle models available with springs or split oscillating suspension – with no price difference
  • All models have full in line and side loading silage panels as standard with silage kit complete with full height silage gate forming the canopy at the rear (eliminating silage catching during discharge)
  • Large cubic capacity (enabling user to not only carry the stated weight but to hold it as well)
  • QM/14, QM/1400, QM/16, QM/1600 & QM/1800 have commercial type axles, as used by road transport, fitted as standard
  • Flat floors (no open pressed sections that allow water to prematurely rust out joints)
  • Protected lights which are integrated into the back rail (eliminates any potential damage)
  • Single Chrome tipping ram on QM11 upwards
  • Unique design chassis combines unmatched strength and stability
  • Front inspection ladder is standard on all QM models
  • Adjustable drawbar standard on QM11 upwards
  • Genuine Marshall Spares – a full collection of spares are available for all models in the range

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The Marshall QM/1600 was introduced in 2012, with a shorter, deeper body to create a more compact machine that can be more easily manoeuvred than its counterpart the QM/16. It maintains the same excellent build, design and specification as the QM/16; the only difference is the dimensions. The body is constructed with 4mm sides and a 5mm flat floor, complete with a generous number of spacers and bearers to guarantee durability and strength. The flat floor also prevents premature rusting of the trailer, since there are no joints for water to sit in. In addition to this the body of the trailer is tapered as standard to allow loads to be safely discharged without the risk of them sticking in the trailer. The cubic capacity of the trailer is also very substantial, allowing larger loads and accordingly improving customers’ efficiency. On top of this the QM/1600 also has the benefit of a single Chrome tipping ram, removing the problem of corrosion and improving reliability of the trailer.

The chassis on the trailer is Marshall’s own unique design, providing the perfect blend of strength and flex. The chassis is formed from a 6mm sheet welded over a heavy-duty channel, providing immense strength and simultaneously allowing the chassis to flex. It is for this reason a Marshall trailers’ chassis is the market leader, and ensures a Marshall trailer can take on the most intensive and challenging jobs without any complications. The tipping points on a QM/1600 have a diameter of 50mm and are fully bushes, helping to prevent any twisting to the trailer body.

Furthermore the QM/1600 is also fitted with 420 x 180 S Cam 10 stud commercial axles as standard; perfect for road work and carrying heavy loads. These are the same axles that are fitted to HGVs and not 10 stud industrial axles, which would provide inferior performance and braking. Compare the facts when you purchase your next trailer; choose a Marshall QM/1600 with its 10 stud commercial axles as standard.

Finally the QM/1600 also benefits from a standard hydraulic up & over grain door and spring drawbar to improve efficiency and practicality. The hydraulic door allows loads to quickly be discharged without the tractor operator having to leave the tractor and the spring drawbar provides a significantly smoother ride when travelling at higher speeds.

The QM/1600 provides the best in monocoque trailer design in a relatively compact package.


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Prices for all Machines/Parts are quoted Excluding VAT. New Machines covered by Manufacturers Warranty. Unless stated all Previously Owned Machines are Sold as Seen.

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